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hybrid cloud applications

Posted on: February 12, 2021

Achieve scalability, agility and faster time to market

Over the last several years and until recently, almost entire enterprise software was developed and delivered following a linear approach and waterfall methodology. This concept took several months to develop large software code that affected most or all the applications as the changes were extensive considering the complexity of integrating the new code into the existing code repository. 

In today’s world, as organizations tend to adopt digital practices, they seek to equip themselves with hybrid cloud architecture that allows them to rapidly transform by mitigating challenges related to application scalability, resiliency, and faster time to market. Besides, software development and operations teams intend to release a small feature set through a series of smaller releases instead of a large feature code to reap several of the following benefits including but not limited to:

  • the reduced failure rate of releases 
  • increased frequency of deployments 
  • faster time to recovery in case of unexpected release failures 
  • minimal impact on the overall application performance and improved business continuity 
DevOps Process

The above benefits are accomplished when software development and operations teams can produce high-quality software by leveraging key insights from various Lines of Businesses and adopt agile software development methodologies that are reusable, iterative, and focus on making smaller and frequent code releases. This comprehensive approach to speeding the release cycles with minimal errors is termed as DevOps which allows the automation and integration of the works of individual development and operations teams. 

NerdPine’s approach to DevOps is designed to digitize and transform organizations by simplifying their end-to-end software development cycle. With several years of experience in handling complex application implementations, we have established a robust approach to adopting DevOps practice by incorporating Agile methodologies, building secure CI/ CD pipelines and delivering software that is a product of secure enterprise automation testing. We work with several tools, toolchains, and platforms that are part of open-source and commercial packages in incorporating a DevOps model across organizations.

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Anusha Kothapalli 

Senior Business Consultant 

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